IRC-TK Project


Subject: I began making the site.
Added by: cmad
Date: 25/3/2004
Ok I started making the site today. Don't expect something really cool; I'm not a website developer! It's really basic, but it serves its need; it works. :) I'm only going to add a Home, a News, a Download and a F.A.Q. page. At least that's what I've planned till now.

Subject: Project approved by SourceForge!!!
Added by: cmad
Date: 15/3/2004
Today I got the e-mail from SourceForge saying that they approved of the IRC-TK Project!!! IRC-TK homepage is:
Coding starts as of today. Please be patient for the first version, v0.1 PreAlpha, because I have some more projects to do.

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